Llano Grande de Puriscal (and other short adventures)

On Tuesday I headed over to La Garita to sell my BMW GS Pro Boots. Too heavy for me. On the way back, I took a gravel road that put me in the vicinity of Turrucares.

Sadly, it’s one of those roads where people go dump garbage. Bummer.

At Turrucares, I decided to keep riding rather than go home.🤣 Why not?

So I headed over to Puriscal on route 136, which I like because it is solitary and has a wild energy to it.

Seeing the sign for Llano Grande, I decided to go check it out, since I had never been. I really liked the road over, but didn’t stop for photos.

Llano Grande is a tiny mountain town.

I continued through it, then stopped to speak with a cyclist. He told me the road down to Chucas dam is rough, so I did not continue. I hope to go with a group some day.

End of my exploration. 😢

I then went to Puriscal and headed over to San Pablo, stopping for breakfast at El Fogon de Doña Emilce. It was a gorgeous morning to be out and about.

View from Doña Emilce
Sugar cane flowers off route 27

Heading home on 27, I took a little dirt road on the side to see where it went. It was obviously a day of exploring new roads. Always fun!!

Little uphill trail to the right, road to the left, with stop sign and the road was painted. Odd.

It ended at a gate, and that was that. Short, but fun, 400 meters.🤣

And, since I was on a roll, I checked out another road by Balsa, which also ended at a gate. Turning Sahara around, my foot slipped on the loose little gravel, and down she went.💔

She enjoyed her rest while my two friends from Moto Partes y Repuestos Atenas came to help.

With my recent surgery and bad back, I do not dare to even try to lift her.

Auto partes al rescate!! Excelente servicio al cliente!

Yeah. Considering I was not planning on riding, I sure had a lot of short and sweet adventures. 🤣

RIDING IN COSTA RICA: Know the love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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