Combo #4. (Guaitil, Route 301, Rey river, and Tufares)

On Wednesday, November 10, many wishes came true, thanks to my riding friend Robert.

First was a return to Guaitil (where I have only been once with my friend Alejandro).

We took a steep downhill road to Bajo Cerdas, then went to Bajo del Jorcó, Bajo Calvo, and up an incredibly steep road to…yes, Guatil! Phew! Made it.🤣

View from Guaitil
Cerro Dragón

We enjoyed the views on our way to Acosta, where we found a little restaurant on our way out. Good to know! Soda Los Angeles. The ladies were happy to have us.

Then we headed down to Parrita on Route 301. Adventure #2. I have never cared much for this route. Not sure why. But I enjoyed it a bit more this time, especially the views on the second half down.

The asphalt on much of it is washed away, and there are lots of potholes. Yet it has many nice spots.

We came to the place where the road had been closed due to a landslide.

Lovely views all the way down to Parrita.

After Parrita, we headed towards the Rey River to check out where the road to Zapatón was closed.

Adventure #3!

We first detoured left for a bit to go to the end of the road.

I loved the tree-lined little dirt road. It’s a lovely short and picturesque ride along the Rey river.

After crossing a little creek, we found the reason for the closure.

We probably could have made it across, but decided not to.

Then, heading home on route 239, we had our fourth adventure!! We detoured towards Túfares. Yay. Yet another route I had wanted to check out!

The road in to Túfares from La Cangreja National Park is a bit…rustic..going up then down, but is hard packed dirt/gravel from Túfares to Salitrales. Nice!

Nedless to say, there are gorgeous vistas up there as well.

Satisfied after a full day of adventure, we parted ways in Purriscal, and I rode home in the rain and fog on the delightful curves of route 137, too content for words.


Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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