Baila como Juana la Cubana! (Birthday ride San Lorenzo to Quepos.)

On Saturday, November 13th, I had a pizza party at my house with some motorcycling friends. I turn 60 on November 15h! Yikes! My friend Adrian and his wife Berny came with his pizza oven and made delicious artisan pizzas. It was a heart-warming afternoon in the sunshine! I mention it here because I want to keep it for my records, and because I learned not to have a party the day before an important ride. Hahaha!

I only slept three hours that night due to indigestion. Ugh!! Nevertheless, I had a superb day on Sunday, November 14th. A few friends and I took a ride to the costal highway via San Lorenzo de Tarrazu. We had really wanted to go to Naranjito, but a landslide had blocked the road (as my other friends discovered having gone the day before.

This route is in bad condition, which made it even more entertaining to ride!

We hit some fog at first, which was a bit disappointing, but then it cleared and we got to enjoy the views. We had tons of fun!

I was happy being with good friends, letting myself be playful and silly! Hahaha! And that my Sensei Felix Franco from Clever Rider let me hug him several times. 🙂

One of my favorite parts of the trip was stopping by Santa Juan Lodge, thanks to my friend Mario Amador´s suggestion. Spectacular views!!

I was delighted to ride with Andres again. I bonded with him from all our falls on our trip to La Ventolera. Hahaha!

We came home via San Miguel/Mastatal (again! Hahaha!), stopping for lunch at Restaurante Pura Vida in Guarumal.

My Sensei, Felix Franco
Rock on Route 239. The guys having fun.

Twelve hours on the road with healthy, positive, caring, happy friends. As Peter Gabriel sings, ¨I love to be loved.¨ Hahaha! No, seriously, what I most love is loving. We humans need to be able to give love as much as we need to receive it.

What a day for a day dream!!! 🙂


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