Another fun-filled day! (Chomes, Lagarto river, and Santa Elena)

I woke up this morning planning to go to Santa Cruz, Turrialba, then to Guayabo and route 415 now that it is open after being closed for many months. But the skies were clouded over on the North East, so I chose instead to head North West.

At breakfast, I decided to go to Chomes to see if I could go to Punta Morales that way. I was surprised that the route 603 to Chomes has been paved.

After visiting the dock, where I was informed that they do tours of the river (surprise!), I headed down a lovely dirt road to the Lagarto river, hugged by rice, sugar cane, and palm fields — and even some mango farms. I love getting away from “the more-developed world.” I was soooo happy!

Since I can´t lift things, I did not want to cross the river alone. So, I turned back to chat with some workers along the road, and one of them agreed to go to the river to cross it first so that I could see the easiest way. 🙂 Have angels, will travel!

I was delighted that it was too easy to cross (and ashamed of myself for being so hesitant).

I happily continued on the dirt road till I came to route 132 and went for a quick visit to Playa Blanca.

Playa Blanca, Punta Morales.

From Playa Blanca I backtracked to route 601 and took that to Arizona. It was beautiful, and I was in 7th Heaven. At a man’s suggestion, to bypass some cattle on the road, I went left onto a dirt road, then right to get back on to 601 . So much fun riding off the beaten track!!

I came out at Arizona then headed up route 145, through Las Juntas, taking time to stop for photos of the gorgeous mountain (and ocean) views.

There is a viewpoint lot for sale along this route. But since I was alone, I only ventured forth for a quick peek.

The second best part of the day (besides the river crossing) was when I took a right at Candelaria on towards San Rafael and Cebadilla.

Wow!! Breathtaking! The widest vistas on both sides of a well-paved road. (Only the second half had pot holes.) Costa Rica constantly stuns me with its beauty.

Below I include some shots of the road.

I had lunch in Santa Elena, then headed down the winding road, once again enjoying the amazing views, but deciding not to take any more photos. The mountains might start to all look the same to viewers. 🤣

Truly another fantastic day doing what I love.


Thursday, November 18, 2021

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