Surprise ride to La Potenciana!

This morning my friend Robert confirmed that he wanted to go for a short ride. He wanted to check out La Potenciana on Turrubares mountain. Despite my headache and tiredness from riding all day yesterday, I nervously said yes.

We met at the Escobal exit of route 27
Jenny and Doña Emilce
View from restaurant

After breakfast at La Choza de Doña Emilce on route 137, we headed towards San Pedro de Turrubares, and up past San Luis.

The road up to La Potenciana is a mixture of cement, dirt, and small gravel. Most of it is easy, but there are a few challenging spots. Best to go during dry season because of the clay.

Right at this Y

The route up is mostly cement with lots of tight, uphill switchback curves. The road goes up and down and up and around before just going down. There is one difficult uphill, tight curve on clay, followed by other curves and relatively rough terrain. That is the worst part, quickly over.

The views are BIG and wide and gorgeous. One could ride or drive up halfway just to enjoy the awesome vistas.

We made it down and then headed over to the Turrubares River and El Llano for a cold drink. The river was lovely and easy to cross.

Mission accomplished!!



Friday, November 19; 2021

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