Easy from now on! (La Suiza to Tres Equis and Reventazon)

Wohoo! More Thursday fun riding high in Costa Rica!

The day began with clear skies over on the East, showing the Irazú and Turrilba volcanoes were free of rain clouds. I was excited to go ride on the La Suiza to Tres Equis route I had done in the opposite direction once, and to go on a recon tour of a road that goes down to the Reventazón dam.

It was a cool, refreshing morning. My friends Harold and Marco (and two new friends from the Honda CB 500 group) first had breakfast at El Sapito Restaurant n Santa Teresa, where our guide, Fabricio, and my friend, Yamil, joined us.

From there we stopped by Fabricio´s store, El Doncito, on the way to La Suiza.

After lowering the air pressure on our tires and filling up at the gas station at the crossing to La Suiza, we headed out on Route 413 to Tres Equis. This is a fun and easy gravel route with the usual great views!

After we came out, we headed over to visit the Reventazón Dam via a road I have visited twice, Calle Santa Marta, but never gone past the final crossing with gravel roads to both the left and the right. This road has amazing views! I was happy to take my friends there, and that they were willing to check out the road down.

Reventazon below

Much to all of our shock, the road turned into a rocky downhill trail! 🙂

Route to the right down to Reventazon from Calle Santa Marta

It was worse than any of us had expected (she smiles). But, we made it down and up. Phew! So glad I had Storm, my Tornado. I am starting to gain confidence in her abilities. Amazing.

We were all in high spirits.

Content, we headed back towards Turrialba to have a late lunch at Turrialtico Lodge and headed home with good timing due to low traffic (since many are still on summer vacation).

View at Turrialtico Lunch

It was a 12-hour day on the road for me, but it was another GREAT ADVENTURE


Date of ride: Thursday, January 6th, 2022.

(Borrowed some photos from my friend Marco. Thanks!)

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