A short ride is better than no ride. (Route 319)

Sorry to post back-to-back, but I wanted to add this short post from Saturday when sixteen motorcyclists signed for Daniel Zuñiga´s ride up to La Potenciana on Cerro Turrubares and beyond. His video of this route will be out in a few weeks. (See: Aventuras de un Motero.)

I did not join them for the ride, tempted as I was, because I had the ride with the Honda CB 500 CR group the next day, and I knew it would be too long of a day to take an off-road adventure the day before. Below are two photos of their ride.

I am glad I did not go! It seems it was quite a challenge, full of falls (and probably laughs). I heard even the Tornados fell going down a steep, rocky slope.

In any case, I joined the group for breakfast, meeting them in Ciudad Colon, and riding to La Choza de Doña Emilce with them.

Harold and I sharing a table.

I was delighted to meet my Facebook friend Jim JS, who has always supported and encouraged me on my Honda Tornado.

Here is a video clip which shows the lovely route 137 and the group.

After a stop in San Pedro, I rode ahead to take a video of them on their way to San Luis. I waited for almost an hour in the hot sun, moving waiting spot three times. 🙂

When I first called, Daniel said they were waiting for a few to come who had had trouble. ¨Ya casi,¨ he said. So I waited. After too long, I decided to call Erik, and he said they were already in San Luis. It seems I had gone beyond the turn, or something! Damn!! Hahahaha!! Typical situation of mine. All I can do is be amused with myself.

Cerro Turrubares where they were headed, as seen from route 319.

I was, however, happy to ride route 319 because I wanted to check out the Dunlop Mixtour tires on easy gravel. I had remembered my frist trip on Cerro Dragón down to La Legua had been with these tires, before I put the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires on. Piece of cake!

Each time I glanced at the mountain, I thought of them up there.

Tajo Sulai as seen from 319.

Anyhow, I had a short and sweet ride and was able to rest a bit before going to see live music at La Terraza in Atenas at 4 p.m. I love living in a retiree community because the live music starts so early! 🙂

I am living the most amazing life, and, needless to say, the best par of it is


Photo someone on the CB 500 Group took of me on January 4th while driving.

Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022

Song: My Girl.

Thanks to my friends for some of these photos.

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