Yesterday I took a ride with the Honda CB 500 group. About 38 of us showed up at Plaza Real Alajuela to go around Arenal Lake. Most of the photos in this post will be of the wonderful people rather than of the natural scenery.

I am usually not that crazy about large groups, but have changed my mind about that. Everything went well, and I enjoyed myself tremendously! We all did. I am glad I went.

The group rode in an orderly way, the meals were well planned, and the camaraderie was instant.

Group leader, Allan Ugalde with this son, Sebastian.
My instant buddy, Jonathan. Love at first sight! ­čÖé

We had breakfast at Casa Julia in Fraijanes. Below are photos of my new friends. ­čÖé

It was a perfect day for riding: cool, with blue skies, and with clear views of all the mountains and beautiful vistas. Oh how I love summer time in Costa Rica!!

Clear view of Arenal Volcano

It was funny and odd that many said to me: ┬ĘThe Famous Suzanne┬Ę when they met me. Hahahaha! Hilarious. I suppose it is cause I am so public on Facebook!

View of Arenal volcano from our lunch spot. Getting cloudy at the top.
Bryan and Jonh, my new friends who did the recon tour to Reventaz├│n with me on Thursday. Leaving the UNO gas station, I saw Bryan riding by on his Crossrunner like a bat out of hell, so I tried to catch him, but to no avail. Then Jonathan said he tried like crazy to catch me. Hahaha! Finally caught up when I gave up trying to catch up to Bryan.

Here is a video of the motorcyles during lunch.

And here we are riding around the lake: video.

We closed the day with sugar bombs (Churchil┬┤s) in Caldera, getting there just in time to see the sunset.

Yeah. Fun times with the Honda CB 500 Tribe!!

Thanks again to Allan and his helpers for organizing this trip. Not easy when it involves 40 motorcycles. And thanks to Gary Man for forming the club (and webpage, Facebook page, and Whatsapp group). The TRIBE!!!

Allan and Sebastian


Date of ride: Sunday, January 9, 2022

Song: Well, you know it just has to be ┬ĘBorn to be Wild.┬Ę Hahaha!

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  1. was a real honor and pleasure meet at the famous Suzanne and the mighty Sahara, my girlfriend was truly impressed looking at you how heading the group and going fast ahead to take photos, hope see you again in other rides…


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