Let go and let God. (Alto las Mesas, Tivives.)

Today, my friend Harold and I headed over to the Pacific coast.

View from parking area of Casita del Cafe, our meeting point.

We took the alternate route to Esparza, which I did once before. (When on beautiful and smooth route 131 from San Mateo, this is the left that goes to El Baron, after the left for route 755. This is for variety’s sake, as route 131 is faster.)

From Esparza we headed to El Humo. The road had been scraped. It is mostly dirt. I would not want to do it in the rainy season. It is still nice, but not as wild as before. The last part is now paved. All things change.

Reaching the place where I turned left last time to hook up with route 622 to Salinas, we asked a man about going straight, as I had wanted to do. He said there was a piece that was downhill and very difficult, with lots of rocks, and told us it was best not to go .

Point where we turned around to go to 622. 😦

My friend Harold was willing to explore, but I was not. I was not feeling particularly courageous, and I had to be home early to meet my friend Alex (who later cancelled his trip), so I did not want delays. Bummer.

So we went towards route 622, then to Caldera for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed over to Alto Las Mesas of Tivives Protected Zone.It was new to me to go from Salinas. I had only gone up once from the Tivives side on my Honda XL 200 (see previous post).

The first part up to Las Mesas is loose, small gravel, then
dirt, then it is quite rocky at the top.
View of Caldera to the right on the way up
Tivives beach below. Hard to see because of the underbrush.

Coming down was thrilling because it was rutted with loose, big rocks. I did not remember it being this way. 🤣Just have to let go and let the motorcycle do its thing. We made it down without problem.

In any case, I was glad to make it to the park guard house, cause I knew the next hill down was easy.

Having once again made it down a rocky road with no trouble, I realized I could have indeed probably made it down straight from El Humo rather than going to 622. Oh well. As Harold said, ¨Next time.¨ At least I saw where the road comes out. I had not seen it in my previous trips.

After a brief stop at Tivives beach where a few cyclists offered us fresh coconut, we took the Cascajal/La Ceiba route to Orotina. This is all gravel, mostly flat. Nice and peaceful.

And, FINALLY, :-), from Orotina we took the road up to Cerro Chompipe which comes out at Desmonte on Route 3. This route is relatively steep with parts that are slate slabs.

Million-Dollar lot at Vista Mar with a million-dollar view all around. This is only part of it. Amazing. Must be fun to go up there on a full moon night!! 🙂

Harold and I said our goodbyes at Casita del Cafe, having enjoyed a morning full of easy adventuring


Saturday, January 15th, 2022.

Song: Sunshine (LOVE summer in Costa Rica!)

And tomorrow we have lots of routes to conquer!!!

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