Dust in the wind. (Last day Peninsula: NW coast and Monkey Trail)

On Saturday, officially the last day of our peninsula adventure, we headed up the coast from Tamarindo, beach hopping on Route 180: Brasilito, Flamingo, Potrero, etc. I need to make this post short, for I am behind myself! đŸ™‚

For me, it´s quite shocking to see all the changes: the roads now paved and luxury condos/houses everywhere. The North West is like another world. A world of the rich, for sure. And yet it has a special charm as well.

Gorgeous views on the way to Las Catalinas. Wow. I remember seeing all of this years ago! Impressive.

At Las Catalinas we stayed a while, and Gaby enjoyed a delicious swim in the warm Pacific waters! Lucky her!

How one bonds so quickly when riding with others! I love this group.

Then Adrian and his wife Berny, along with Richard, went to enjoy another route through Tempate (photos below), while the rest of us continued through what is known as the Monkey Trail (Route 911).

The Monkey Trail route is paved. One uphill part must have been quite the challenge when it was gravel. I loved this route through the hills of Guanacaste. It must be lovely during the rainy season, though crossing the rivers must be quite a challenge. Not sure if I would try it on my motorcycles.

Video of Frigate birds and Pelicans flying above fishing boat: LINK. Coco Beach.

I have to share this (below) because it is the highlight of the our visit to Coco beach for me. Hilarious!

I hope to return this summer to the North West coast to take more time exploring the area. It has a unique kind of dry, light-filled beauty. With lots of dust in the wind!

Our last lunch was at a nice restaurant near the Liberia airport (La Choza de Laurel). Excellent food. On the way, we had to ride alongside a field that was on fire, a common occurrence during the dry season. The traffic was extremely slow. This was difficult. We could barely see due to the smoke, and the heat burned my exposed skin (chest). Glad we got through that!
Roy, Marco and Manuel headed home. Luis Fabian, Gaby and I headed to Tilaran in the dark windy night, where Adrian and Berny joined us (to do Recon on Sunday to Guatuso!). Richard went home on his own. I am sure we each closed our PenĂ­nsula adventure with gratitude for the fun and beauty, but especially for the company. Many thanks once again to Roy for organizing this trip. Yay! More fun next year!

Roy Chang


Sahara, my Honda CB 500XA 2019

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