Be Bop A Lula (San Rafael de Guatuso)

After parting with our riding buddies to the peninsula, my friends Adrian with his wife Berny, and Luis Fabian with Gaby, and I spent the night of Saturday the 29th in the windy city of Tilaran. On Sunday we headed out to take route 143 to San Rafael de Guatuso from Nuevo Arenal. Recon tour! 🙂

I am sad to report that two constructions are being built at the Tilaran Viewpoint. The view is now effectively blocked. Ironic. But one can drive further down and there is another nice stopping place.

Gabriela (L) and Berny (R)

It was foggy and rainy on our way up and across route 143, so once past the first highpart, I have no clue whether there are nice views up there or not. The road is partly paved with lots of holes. The rest is gravel. Parts of it have big rocks, but they are embedded, not loose.

Lovely view on the way up.

It is a relatively short trip to Guatuso. We continued on lovely, smooth route 4, thinking we might go back to Nuevo Arenal (as had been the plan) through Venado and Tigra, but decided against it due to the rain in that area. No point if we could not enjoy the views.

Lunch at a restaurant I definitely do not recommend! LOL
Route 4

We parted ways with Luis and Gaby, and headed home via route 702.

Los Angeles de San Ramón

I hope to do the Jicarito>Venado>Tigra>Nuevo Arenal route sometime this summer. In the meantime, fact is that can´t believe I am living such an adventure-filled life! Truly beyond my wildest dreams.

And there are more trips planned for this breathtaking summer we are having. Can´t wait!!


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