Closed until further notice. (Route 35 and Bajos del Toro)

This is a quick post from my phone to inform readers that route 35 (Corredor Norte) is fenced off and with a guard at the Alto Villegas entrance.

Little road down to 35 from Alto Villegas

My friends Robert and Alex and I went to check it out this morning.

Bajo Zuñiga

We went to Los Angeles Norte via route 706 for variety’s sake. On oute 706, we took a right on Calle Esperanza to Bajo Zuñiga, then another right to connect with route 702. It’s all paved. Quaint and colorful little hillside towns along the way.

Foggy and cold at Alto Villegas

We decided to go to Bajos del Toro via Zarcero. I was delighted when the clouds parted and we were back in the sunshine.


This Zarcero Bajos del Toro route is 98% paved except for about two kilómetros towards the bottom. It has a few tight curves and impressive views of the backside of the volcanoes, but it is too hard to stop for photos.

We decided to continue to Río Cuarto and San Miguel, where Alex headed home to Earth University and Robert and I came home via route 126 and Fraijanes. There were lots of Cuatimundis (Pizotes) being fed on route 126.

Though there was a lot of traffic especially closer to home due to it being election day, it was an easy and pleasant morning on the cool North/Central mountains of Costa Rica. Zero stress.


Sahara, Honda CB500 XA 2019

Sunday, February 6, 2022

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