It is the season! (Villa Blanca and Alto Villegas)

Yesterday, my friend Robert and I went to do some easy recon in the San Ramón area. This is the time of year to explore these northern regions that are usually clouded over. It was a gorgeous day to ride.

We went via La Libertad/Llano Brenes, but were prepared for the cold this time, and it wasn´t so bad. Fantastic views, no traffic.

After breakfast at Soda Diana in Los Angeles, we took a left, thinking this route would wrap back around to 702. Robert has a map that shows a connection, though it is not on Google maps. But at the top we checked the map and it indicated there was a river ahead. Since we were on our big bikes, we turned around, but plan to return with our smaller bikes (Tornado and KLR) for more recon. Looks like it connects with 706.

We then headed out to Hotel Villa Blanca. I had wanted to check this road out and another one (now paved) for over a year. It was sooooooo beautiful!!! With gorgeous views on both sides.

The road was paved at one point, so parts are paved and parts are hard compact dirt. Easy riding.

Along the way we saw a newly paved road below and wondered how to get there.

We made it to the entrance of Hotel Villa Blanca and turned around, to go to Alto Villegas.

Left to Villa Blanca (#2), right to Alto Villegas (#3) below.
Easy riding on the road to Alto Villegas.
Ruta 35 Corredor Norte

We came to a spot over the road we had seen on the way to Villa Blanca: Route 35 ¨Corredor Norte¨ On the way I asked a man about it, and he said that sometimes there was a guard at the entrance. We are planning on riding it this Sunday.

Entrance to route 35 from Alto Villegas.
Coming out of Alto Villegas to route 703. Always the ugly electric lines. 🙂

I have always liked to ride 703 because of its views. Often, it is fogged over. So, as I mentioned, I was delightd that we spent the morning riding in this area on such a cool, bright day. Perfect!

Arenal Volcano as seen from route 703.

What I have been most thinking and appreciating this past month, is how much a ADORE summer in Costa Rica. This kind of summer, where it is dry in most parts of the country, most of the time. Gorgeous!! I love the feel of the dry air, the light, the aromas, the flowering trees…all of it. But especially THE VIEWS! So cool.


Wednesday, February 2, 2022 Song: Sound of Sunshine

PS: Yesterday, I picked up Django, my son´s CB 500XA 2022 to get some protections put on it. (Django from the French guitarist, not the movie! And, yes, it´s a male name, but why not? 🙂 This bike looks masculinte to me!) I can´t wait to ride with him!! (He will hopefully get his license in March.) It will be such an emotional moment for me. Best of all, is that he WANTS to ride with me, his mom! Imagine that. Hahaha!


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