Morning fun doing lots of easy recon!

This morning I headed off to the Pacific coast to collect Nickernuts (gray seabeans I use for jewelry). On the way, I took a right on route 131 (at Higuito) which has caught my attention many times. Turns out it connects to the route that goes to San Juan de Dios, which I have done two or three times, so I did a U turn. Nevertheless, it’s good to know where it goes.

After breakfast at Tabaris restaurant once again (I like their capuccinos), I went to Bajamar via Calle Loros. It has been scraped and is in good shape.

Lluvia de Oro tree — Golden Rain tree

Sadly, there were no Nickernut pods, but at least I found some Entada polystachia, though most of the pods were too high for me to reach. I like these little seeds for my art.

As is common for this time of year, Bajamar lake is mostly dried up.

I headed out to the Bajamar bluff on the little trail leading there. It has a lot of soft sand at the moment, so I got to practice letting go of steering and moving forward. However, when I hit a spot with too much loose sand, I turned around. I am not allowed to lift up my motorcycle due to medical reasons. Bummer.

Turned around. Bummer.
Little hill to Guacalillo has been scraped.
Ocean and Bajamar lake seen behind me.

I looped around to Guacalillo road and and headed home the same way: Calle Loros, which turns into Calle Guayabal.

Cerro Turrubarí in the distance

At a crossing which has a gravel road on the left, which I have wanted to take for a long time, I took Calle La Esperanza. This is a gravel road. I recognized a little creek I did not want to cross with Sahara coming from the other direction, but did cross easily with Storm, my Honda XR 250 Tornado, with which I am more prone to do recon. 🙂 Calle Esperanza bypasses Orotina if one wants to get on the Aguacate.

At the crossing with Route 3, I decided to go straight on to Calle Cuatro Esquinas, another road I had wanted to take forever! 🙂 It ends up at Hacienda Vieja. I crossed over Route 27, then took a road that parallels 27 back to Orotina. I wish I had stayed on it to the end all the way to Rancho Viejo. Maybe next time!

Bridge above 27

And, last but not least, I took another road I have wanted to do up on route 3. Yay!!! Calle Carrizal, which ends up in Barrio Jesus. It is an easy descent and all paved.

Yes, I came home quite happy! LOL It’s great to ride alone and do whatever crazy thing I want. With Storm! On a beautiful summer morning. Life is good!


Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Tomorrow a few friends and I do the San Lorenzo to Naranjito route. Yikes!!! 🙂

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