Happiness overload! (San Lorenzo to Naranjito)

Yes! Another fun Thursday, doing what I most love with my friends Robert, Althaf, and Harold.

This Thursday’s route was San Lorenzo de Tarrazu to Naranjito, my second time around! This route has great views and has enough interesting parts to make it fun.

Most of it is easy gravel. There is one short uphill that is tecnical, but it is over quickly.


And, there is an area with embedded rocks, there are a few creeks to cross, and loose rocky gravel on the last part. Some parts are very narrow, and it’s a good thing there is no traffic on it. 🙂

Here are two videos which show how much fun we had.

Video One.……………………….Video Two

It was a day of sharing motorcycles. I lent Storm, my Honda Tornado, and Sahara, my CB 500 to Harold. Robert lent his KLR to him as well, and Robert even rode Sahara for a while.

I was delighted to ride with Althaf again. I love watching the way he controls and plays on his motorcycle. A natural! (Also reminds me of my first time on this route and the way Robert was the king of the road! LINK)

Heading to Gamalotillo

We planned to head home via Gamalotillo to Bijagual, but I took a ridiculous spill on the most easy route! I was riding along super happy, but day dreaming, when I realized I was at the T to Tulín and had to turn left. Unfortunately, I hit the brake too hard. Oh well. Falls come with the territory, especially for me. LOL

I hurt my thumb quite a bit, as well as my left ribs. Riding home was pure torture. I will get X-rays today. Hope it is nothing serious. As I often say, I am not a very good motorcyclist, but I am adventurous!! LOL

The worst part of a hand injury is not being able to ride till it heals. 🙂 I had an overnight trip planned to Turrialba this weekend for a full day of gravel, followed by recon to routes beyond Grano de Oro. And next week we were going on a two-night trip. Main reason to wear protective gear and to be careful: to keep


Thursday, February 10, 2022

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