What a day for a day dream! (Cascajal and Montserrat de Coronado)

Cafeteria Bromelias del Río, Heredia

On Sunday, my son, James, and I (!!!!), with Robert, Fritz, and Andres enjoyed a lovely ride to the mountains of Heredia and Coronado. It was such a treat to ride to my neighborhood of several years in San Jose de la Montaña and to share a route I loved with friends — from San Jeronimo de Moravia to Cascajal de Coronado.

A lot of feelings were stirred up as we looped around Estancias Barba de Viejo, where I used to live, and as we rode through Montecillos, Las Chorreras, and Calle Linda Vista in San Isidro to have breakfast at Cafetería Las Bromelias. It’s such a quaint/picturesque and GREEN part of the country. Charming!

Below I share some photos from another post of Calle Gallito (Route 113) to Montecillos.

Robert’s new BMS GS 800, Q2

After breakfast, we wound our way over to San Jeronimo de Moravia and up to Cascajal de Coronado. The road up there is all paved now. Easy to ride!! This is why I am posting. To share this news.

Red Globe is Montserrat

This area is so peaceful. The view of the Zurqui mountains, with Route 32 going through them, is a favorite view of mine. It won’t be long before this area is ¨developed.¨ Already, there are houses there that did not exist a couple of years ago.

We decided to go to the church of Montserrat. This road is hard-packed dirt/gravel with some large rocks that are also hard-packed.

We were told the road continues on from the church for eight kilometers. I would like to go someday.

Robert and Fritz. 🙂

We continued on Route 118 to Rancho Redondo. The views were a bit cloudy.

Too happy to ride with my son, James!

From there we continued to LLano Grande district and took a right at Bar La Teja to take this route (with great vistas) down to Route 2.

It was a delightful morning riding through charming little villages and green mountain pastures, with beautiful vistas. The best part was…being with my son and with my good friends, especially Andres and his KTM 1290, Mantis, whom I had not seen since my birthday last November.

Andres on far right.


Django, James´ 2022 Honda 500XA and Storm, my Honda XR 250 Tornado.
So happy together! 🙂

Sunday, April 24, 2022 . Wikiloc from Route 32 to Montserrat.

Song: What a day for a day dream.

And, yes, I have taken several rides these days, but I am not posting individual posts anymore. It would be too much! Hahaha! Though I will add a slideshow below for my own future enjoyment!

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