And The Livin’ is Easy (Bajo La Legua and Llano Hermoso, Puriscal)

Yesterday, my friends Robert and Harold and I headed off to route 239, first to do a small detour loop down to Bajo La Legua, and then to “peek” at the road that goes down to Llano Hermoso.

To go to Bajo La Legua, we took a left at the road that goes to Candelarita (Carretera a Polka), and then a right further on.

This road is half cement and half easy gravel, with nice views.

It is so much fun to do something different — to discover a new way to get someplace.

Sahara, Shiva (Harold’s Triumph Tiger 800), and Harold.

After breakfast in Soda Santa Marta, we decided to go check out LLano Hermoso, since a client there had said the road was not difficult.

Road to LLano Hermoso off 239

The road down to Llano Hermoso is quite lovely. Fantastic views on both sides up at the top. It is mostly tree-lined. Easy descent and easy gravel. It was so quiet and peaceful!!! Wow.

At this point we turned around because Harold had street tires on his bike.

We went back to 239 the way we came because my friend Koki from Puriscal had told me not to go via Jilgueral. We may try it in the summer. The photo below is taken from 239 at the entrance to the road that goes to Jilgueral.

Yes! Always satisfying to enjoy new routes and new vistas!

We then headed to Tulín river, and home — Robert and I taking a detour to Guacalillo and Bajamar to extend the ride a bit, heading home through La Ceiba, Calle Guayabal, which is partly paved, mostly gravel. Before Orotina, we took a left onto a gravel road that bypasses Orotina, Calle La Esperanza.

Tulín River

What an enjoyable, easy morning doing simple recon on the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica with good friends! Life is good!

I was absolutely delighted to be riding Sahara again. She is kinder to my body and less tiring than my Tornado, and powerful on the highways.


Date of ride: Thursday, April 28, 2022

“One of this mornings
You’re going to rise up singin’
Then you’ll spread your wings
And you’ll take to the sky”

Lyrics Summertime

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