A Five Star Day! (Favorite routes, including Route 413)

Sunday, May 1st, five friends and I — Robert, Fritz, Althaf, Ignacio, and Alex — had a super fun day riding on several routes to and around the Turrialba area.

  1. Route 230 to Turrialba through Pacayas is always lovely. It was foggy most of the way so we missed many of the breath-taking views. But nevertheless it is still a nice route: paved, curvy, green, with wide vistas.

2. After having breakfast el El Sapito Restaurant, we took a left at Santa Cruz to head over to Guayabo. This road used to be gravel, but is now mostly paved. The views are so picturesque! I highly recommend going to this area. It is gorgeous.

(Photo from a previous trip of the road to Guayabo.)

3. We hit one of my favorites, route 415, and headed over to La Florida to check out the Reventazon Dam, stopping on the way at a high lookout point that Alex knew.

Fun route 415!!
My companions! How lucky can a girl be?! Hahaha! FIVE SUPER STARS!! Kind, mature, witty, adventurous, wise, etcetera, etcetera. The very best of the best riding buddies!
Althaf, happy like the rest of us.

We did go visit the Mirador de la Represa Reventazón in La Alegría de Siquirres as well.

Dam of Reventazón River

4. Heading back towards Turrialba on gorgeous, curvy route 10, I thought it might be a good idea to go LEFT onto route 413 from Tres Equis to La Suiza. I was delighted when the group agreed. (And a bit nervous hoping all would go well.) (She grins!)

Route 413, Tres Equis to La Suiza

Alhaf led the way using Waze (and helped by Robert). He took a few photos and videos of us. Here is one short video: LINK.

I am sad to report that much of this road has been paved (and also scraped in preparation for more). Yet it will still be fun to ride, with the usual beautiful views of the Turrialba area. The part closest to La Suiza is still gravel.

5. We then paid a quick visit to my friend Fabricio’s store (El Doncito) in Eslabón, between La Suiza and route 10, before heading home on route 225, another curvy and interesting route.

The weather cooperated by not raining until later, and there was hardly any traffic on any of the routes, so it felt like an ideal, long Sunday ride. Five delightful routes with five wonderful companions. I was so happy I felt like I could burst into a thousand stars! It really is an awesome life,


Eleven hours of fun! (Thanks to Fritz for this map.)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Song: You don’t have to be a star, to be in my show. 🙂

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