Riding in Southern Spain: Live the magic!


No, I have not been posting. As I have mentioned before, my passion for blogging has dimmed, even though my passion for riding has not. ­čÖé It continues to be a source of deep, wild joy and fun.

As you probably know, I went to Spain at the end of May and rented a Royal Enfield Himalaya for seven days. So much fun!!

The first week I spent with family for my niece’s wedding, along the coast and also up in the hills above M├ílaga. Lovely!

I rented my motorcycle from Málaga Moto Rent on May 31st. Paco was friendly and supportive before, during, and after my adventure.

Needless to say, the riding was fabulous!! The best way to experience a country is to FEEL it with your whole body and soul as you move through its unfolding landscapes and aromas.

The mountain ranges were spectacular, the endless rolling hills with miles of olive trees were soothing, and, well, all the terrains were simply beautiful, since it seems most inhabitants reside in the cities (and little quaint towns here and there in the mountains). The roads are in excellent shape. And, when in the cities or towns, the drivers are considerate and respectful. Easy riding in Spain, for sure!

Most of the roads I took were alternate routes to cities (Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz, Málaga). I found myself totally alone on most of them, which I both loved AND also made me wish for company. I think I would have felt more secure with a riding buddy. Nevertheless, better to ride alone than not ride.

I visited several Pueblos Blancos (white towns) and the above-mentioned cities. I discovered I prefer riding than visiting historical sites. Hahaha! They are certainly impressive, but they don’t make me as happy as riding through the countryside does.

I adored all the wild flowers, their delightful scents along the way, and THE STORKS!!! ­čÖé

Two special things that made me happy were meeting a donkey soon after riding by a field of sunflowers.

And running into my friend, Charles Herr from New York while having lunch in Madrid! Hahaha!

Yes, riding and Spain was like a dream come true, for my hope for myself during this “season of life” (as a new friend often says) is to ride a motorcycle in new lands. It is so magical.

AND, it is good to be back riding in Costa. I have taken some great trips since my return, and may post again soon because of a few new small routes. I like to share new roads.


Date of trip: May 22 to June 8, 2022. Perfectly blue skies!

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