A Perfect Riding Day! (Copey to Providencia)

Yesterday was one of those days when riding in Costa Rica is PERFECTLY easy, fun, and wonder-full! One of the main reasons is there were no cars! Yay! That changes everything!

Meeting Robert at 5:30 a.m. in Ciudad Colon
to go via 209/226. Beautifulf, scenic routes!

After breakfast at Casa del Cafe in San Antonio, under cold but clear skies, Robert, Fritz and I went to Copey to head up and down to Providencia. I had been a bit nervous about mud and rock slides after all the tropical deluges of the week, but told myself in the morning, “One Hundred Meters at a Time.” And so, one hundred meters at a time, we had a great time.

Another thing that made the morning perfect was that the skies were clear going to Providencia. Both times I had been through here in the past, it was wet and foggy. It’s a different experience to be able to SEE where we were going. 🙂 Such calming wide vistas!

The three upper hairpin curves going down to Providencia have been paved. The rest is still gravel/dirt.

We reached Providencia, then headed up through Parque Nacional Los Quetzales to route 2. I had SO MUCH FUN! Not sure why, but I was in a state of complete delight. 🙂

What a fabulous morning!

Then we headed over to Perez Zeledon and Dominical. Again, the roads were clear of traffic. It was amazing! Smooth, easy sailing on wide curves.

We decided to have a snack at La Parcela Restaurant in Dominicalito before heading home. Lovely closing to a perfect day!

Fun, adrenaline, adventure, natural beauty beyond description, fresh air, great company, laughter — to name a few of the gifts of


Fritz’s and my Honda CB 500X. Geat bikes for easy riding in Costa Rica!

Date of Ride: Sunday, June 26, 2022
Song: Simple and Free

PS- We are lucky we went when we did, because this happened two days later. 😦

Second PS – I hope to make the time to post about a couple of new routes I have taken these past weeks, but I am headed to the coast in two days, so, who knows?! 🙂

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