Just Singin´ in the rain. (Routes 239 & 301)

Good day!

Just a short update on a few routes.

Yesterday, I took the Balsa route to Picagres to meet my friend Robert there. I like this isolated route. It has almost no traffic on it and a few sections with trees bodering the road, which I like.

Chucás Dam below
Balsa to Puriscal

Route 136 from Picagres to Puriscal is in bad shape, mostly washed out, with lots of potholes and places where it has sunk down due to fault lines. It is, however, a fun road to ride!

On route 239, on the way to Santa Marta for breakfast, we took a left down towards Candelarita to once again ride through Bajo la Legua. Just for fun. This is mostly concrete with some firm gravel parts.

Breakfast at Soda Santa Marta
Random side road. LOL

We intended to ride towards Tulín to go through Gamalotillo, but the road was way too slippery in the rain, as most of it is red clay. We turned around and headed straight to Parrita to go to Playa Seco Beach.

Robert. My riding buddy! Yay!

At Palo Seco, we decided to go home via route 301 to Acosta.


This route is in very poor condition, with many, many sharp holes in the asphalt. I do like the first half up (or second part coming down from Acosta). It is more wild. I usually don’t much care for it, but I was OK with it this time. The part where the landslide had been has some gravel put in with the clay, so we were able to pass it without trouble.

I enjoyed the day even if we spent most of it in the rain druing Tropical Storm #1. There was hardly any traffic anywhere, so it was easy to feel at peace. Route 209 from Acosta was especially delightful, because it stopped raining in that section.

My last ride before I leave for Spain on Sunday, May 22nd!! (And though technically, I shouldn´t post on this Costa Rica blog, you know I will! I rented a Royal Enfield Himalaya. Small and manageable.)


Sahara, my CB Honda 500XA

Date of ride: Wednesday, May 28, 2022

Wikiloc: Balsa to Puriscal

Wikiloc: Route 301 from Parrita

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