A delightful detour! La Estrella de Guarco

On Friday, July 8, 2022, I headed over to San Isidro del General (also known as Perez Zeledon) to go spend the night there to ride with Moteros CR on Saturday.

On the way, I took a left down to the little town of La Estrella and went straight to come back to route 2 (Interamerican Highway).

I had breakfast, then headed straight out on a hard-packed gravel road, back towards Highway 2.

Heading up

The little road was narrow, but in good shape, with only a few small ruts across it. I loved the views, of course.

Such a treat to discover new ways to get to places!

After that, before Perez, I took a right to go to San Ramon Norte, where I had been once before (but coming in from another road). The road had a lot of fine, deep gravel and was quite steep. It stressed me out. As I stopped to evaluate what to do, a jeep came by, and I asked how it was up ahead (or below). They said it was steep. Fortunately, there was a driveway off to the right where I could turn around. Phew! I want to do a route again, from San Ramón Norte to Santa Eduviges and División next summer. It is a stunning route.

After dropping off my bags at my hotel, I took a quick tour to Canaan the Rivas. Quaint little area.

It was a fun day with no rain! Happy to have ventured into La Estrella and beyond, I crashed early to prepare for what I knew was going to be a challenging adventure the next day.


Friday, July 8, 2022. My husband’s birthday. If he could only see me riding now! 🙂

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