“Walk on air against your better judgment.” (Pejivalle to Punta Mala)

On Saturday, July 9th, 2022, I went with Moteros CR to take a mountain route from Pejivalle de Perez Zeledon down to the coast. A part of me did not want to go because the guide had said there were some complicated ditches in certain parts. But, group leader Daniel Zuñiga from the YouTube channel Aventuras de Un Motero said he would take my motorcycle through the rough spots. So, with trepidation, I agreed. As some say, “Your comfort zone will kill you.” 🙂

Happily wearing my new boots, I rode over to Kevin Zapata’s house where my friends were, then we departed to the Gas station to wait for others. Southern Costa Rica is stunningly beautiful.

We headed over to Pejivalle for breakfast on route 244. This is a well-paved road with nice views, easy to ride. My power animal, the grasshopper came to visit me. A good sign!

After breakfast, our guide, Gabriel, led us up to a view point. Wonderful! It was an easy gravel road with great views along the way and especially at the top.

At the viewpoint, we could glimpse Mount Chirripo in the cloudy distance.

We continued on the picturesque route.

Bad news for us, however. It soon began to sprinkle. 😦 Not what we wanted to see.

We soon came upon our first uphill climb, where the dreaded ditches were (but not as bad as I had imagined! LOL). The right photo is of Maricruz resting.

Daniel took Sahara up, as promised! 🙂 And then others helped pull it. (I do wish I had tried myself. 😦 Fact is, I am too shy on slippery slopes after breaking bones in February. Sahara is heavy for me to hold up. I hope this cautiousness shifts soon.)

Here is a hilarious video of me and my friend Jim flattering Saharah as they were pulling her up! Hahaha! PIROPEANDO a Sahara.

It was definitely an UPhill. 🙂 On the photo on the right below, you can appreciate how uphill. I took the photo from the first resting spot. You will be able to see Daniel’s YouTube video of all of this in a couple of weeks.

Here is a video of Gary taking his Africa Twin up to the top on his own! Honda Power mixed with Skill! Love it!! 🙂 Indio y Flecha en Harmonía.

At the top I ridiculously cleaned out the clay from my Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires, grateful that I had them!

The adventure continued. In a few more spots, I had to ask others (Jim, Kevin) to take Sahara down. I have temporarily lost my mojo!

Here is another video,, of Jim bringing her down. I did ride her most of the way and through quite challenging parts, uphill and downhill, without problem, but I wish I had been braver! I don’t like adding extra work to friends. 😦

We came to a crossing at La Trinidad where there was a store. We had drinks and rested a bit.

One more fun steep and loose uphill part, but it was easy for me to climb. And we were on our way. Or so we thought. 🙂

One thinks one has been through the worst, but most times there is more unexpected adventure ahead! Hahaha! We continued down and up many more slippery (or rocky) slopes.

Then we hit the steepest downhill part! Though photos cannot capture the actual slope.

Jimmy managed to carry Daniel’s wife, Maricruz, on his Tornado most of the route. Incredible!

And Kevin helped me and Christopher take our bikes down more than once. A true gentleman. Great TEAM!

And the adventure continued!

We finally made it to the flat part, which was quite lovely — hugged by wild nature, as are so many gravel/dirt roads leading down to the coast.

Daniel, a tired group leader! 🙂 But happy, I am sure.

I parted ways with the group at Playa Ventanas, and decided to ride home rather than to a hotel.

I rode a couple of hours in light rain, and was pleased that the skies cleared by the time I reached Route 3, closer to Atenas. I made it home after being on the road for 12.5 hours. But I knew I was not as tired as Kevin, our gracious and kind hero for the day!

I had a great time, except for my guilt for asking for help three or four times. I don’t like making my friends work extra hard on these kinds of rigorous adventures. But I am also grateful for the team camaraderie and support! We had lots of laughs! Yay for Moteros CR! GRACIAS AMIGOS!!


“Walk on air against your better judgment.” Seamus Henney

Saturday, July 9, 2022.

PS – I will be adding the link to the Aventura’s de Un Motero Channel in a couple of weeks.

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