Can’t take my eyes off of you. (Fabulous birthday ride to enchanting and beautiful Nicoya.)

On November 15th, 2022, my 61st birthday, I took a ride down to Nosara to have lunch with my good friend, Niamh.

I took route 601, turning left to go towards Punta Morales, then right at Pica Pica bar, and on to route 18. This is really the best route to take to the Amistad Bridge because one avoids all the traffic jams due to road repairs. It is a lovely Nicoyense road, with lots of trees and mostly undeveloped. I usually go via Costa de Pajaros which is charming, but this quicker and also lovely.

I loved the feeling of being the only one on the road, doing what I most love to do!

This route takes one partly along the Colorado Gulf. Thank God there are still undisovered, undeveloped parts of Costa Rica, where one can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful green countryside!

The road to Nosara is in terrible shape, full of pot holes up to about Playa Garza (below). Then it is paved, but the roads along the hills of Nosara and to the beach are presently a disaster. Hahaha! Full of huge, water-filled pot holes. I thought about stopping for photos, but didn’t.

I stopped at Playa Garza on my way, and was delighted to find small flat rocks there, for I had started a piece of art with some, and needed more. What luck!

I arrived early at Nosara, and enjoyed a fattening, nutella-pancake, birthday brunch with my friend Niahm, at La Luna Restaurant, which is right on the beach. I collected more flat stones. 🙂

I felt overwhelmingly happy this day, having ridden in the beautiful still-green wild of the North Pacific and spent time with my wise, witty, strong-yet vulnerable friend. We closed the day with dinner at La Luna Restaurant as well.

Life gets happier and happier, especially with riding a motorcycle and with practicing Focusing weekly, which carries my life forward into new, healthier patterns of relating to the world and to my experiences. I am creating a life with less drama and trauma. ðŸ¤£ More fun and laughter. My intention is to surround myself with those who let me love them and whom love me back. I am letting all others leave gently and find their good elsewhere.

One Wednesday morning, I left early, but after the sun had begun to rise because I did not want to ride the rocky, rutted roads down from my mountain B&B, Villa Mango, in the dark. Nevertheless, back at Playa Garza, I did get to enjoy the sun rising over the ocean.

Next time I head to the coast, I need to stay a few days to relax at the beach and breathe in the whole seaside atmosphere, which feels so perfect for my body.

Don’t you just LOVE the name Nandayure? I could say it over and over again.

At the amazingly peaceful town of Nandayure I met a new friend from the Honda CB500 group, Victor Hugo, who welcomed me to ride with him while he visited different businesses to sell his hardware store products. He also invited me to breakfast at a little soda in town. So kind!

I can’t describe how happy I was to do a route that I was actually going to do with Robert on my birthday, but he cancelled. Hahaha! Life does Love me! I have done it twice, once alone (click here) and once with my friends Yamil and Fabricio (and Anthony and Don Jose). I must admit that when I do routes that I previously rode alone, that were once gravel, I am proud of that me that was so brave (or stupid). 🙂 I am not so brave anymore.

The views at Vista Mar are awesome! Better still, we took a left right there and went to a restaurant and area that also had fabulous views (Bar Restaurante Brisas del Mar). My friend Victor Hugo said that one could continue to Bella Vista. I sure hope to do that soon!

The road from Vista Mar down to Bejuco is now paved. It is simply gorgeous! The more I visit Nicoya, the more I love it. All of it.

He continued visiting cute little stores. I enjoyed relaxing while he did so and taking in the FEEL of it all.

At La Soledad, Victor Hugo said one could go straight to go to Carrillo. !!!!!!!! Another new route for recon! Yay!

We parted ways at Bejuco. I am so grateful to have a new riding friend from the Nandayure area. Thank you, Victor Hugo, for your company and willingness to go on tour with me.

I rushed as fast as I could to catch the 12:30 p.m. ferry at Playa Naranjo.

What a relief that I made it in time. I was quite tired and would not have wanted to ride home via the Amistad Bridge. The hour break on the ferry was the perfect rest before heading back to Atenas.

What can I say? Yes, it is distressing to turn 61. Hahaha! And yet, I am continuing to life life to the fullest, becoming more and more my true, playful self as I continue…


November 15th and 16th, 2022

Song: Can’t take my eyes off of you.

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

I can’t take my eyes off of you
I can’t take my eyes off you
I can’t take my eyes off of you

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