Mother and son adventure on Christmas Day!

On Christmas day, my son Jamie and I took a ride together.

It was a gorgeous summer morning with yellow flowers everywhere, on many trees and on the side of the road. I was feeling happy and content after a lovely, relaxing Christmas Eve with him (previous post).

We headed out route 707 to San Pablo de Turrubares and over to Cerbatana de Puriscal via a short cut, to head down route 239. I had wanted to show him this route for a while because it has awesome views.

We stopped for breakfast at Soda Pura Vida, where Doña Grace had just made Chicharrones (fried pork). Too delicious to resist!

It was fun riding with my son on this favorite route of mine. Plus, he didn’t mind my stopping for photos. 🙂

La Cangreja National Park in the distance

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, for no explicable reason, my son took a spill. 😦 Total bummer. He bruised his hip and thigh but was OK. His CB500, Django, however, was not. The lower protection had hit a bolt which was leaking coolant. But, it was impossible to reach because of the protection. Somehow, the bike hit really hard.

Fortunately, once again a local angel came by. Pedro of Naranjal. We took the motorcycle to his house. His father, Danilo, was quite the character, boasting about how famous he was.

I enjoyed watching several pairs of Scarlet Macaws fly by while Pedro called tow trucks.

We left Django there because tow trucks were too expensive.

We rode home on Sahara, with me in the back as passenger. The loose gravel road down to Parrita was challenging, but my son did a great job navigating through all the rutted and more difficult parts.

I must admit that it was very painful for me to ride as passenger. Hahaha! My knees hurt like crazy. I now understand why many wives don’t ride with their husbands. 🙂

We made it home and got to work finding a truck to bring it home. I found three thanks to Facebook and the CB500 Whatsapp group. I only wish I had thought of posting in the group when the accident happened. Oh well.

We decided to go with Jorge Zuñiga, since the name Zuñiga came up three different times in our search. Hilarious!!

The next day, I headed down to Soda Pura Vida with my friends Robert, Harold, and Ignacio to meet the pick up truck.

After Django was loaded, I headed back to Soda Pura Vida to join my friends.

We headed down to the coastal highway to go to San Lorenzo de Tarrazu.

Noticing how worn out I was from two days of riding, I decided not to go up to San Lorenzo with them, and headed home to go to my mechanic to explain what needed fixing on Django.

I am sorry this happened to my son, mainly because neither of us have extra money for these kinds of events. But, falling is part of riding a motorcycle. It inevitably happens, especially on gravel. I checked out my own motorcycle and realized that the same bolt is totally inaccessible due to the fact that the motor protection is hitting it. I need to get this resolved a.s.a.p. It could harm the motor in a fall.

For me, despite the misshap, it was all fun! I like meeting local characters like Pedro and his father. And I was happy that my friends were willing to ride down to Soda Pura Vida to keep me company. (They had an exciting ride up to Los Santos on deep ruts! Hahaha!) Yes, adventures happen in all sorts of ways.

Quote of mine from the early days of this blog that comes to mind: “Honda: Make Life REAL.”


December 25 and 26, 2022

Song: Mother and Child Reunion

PS – Here are three Motorcycle Tow Trucks:

Moto Gruas 27/7: 7244-9928
Jorge Zuñiga: 8996-0905
Moto Emergencia: 7206-4456

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