Take to the sky on a natural high. (Spectacular Bella Vista!)

On Thursday, January 5, 2023, my friend Henry and I took a trip to Nicoya. We headed over to Nandayure via 601, which is now my favorite way to get to the La Amistad Bridge. It’s a peaceful and beautiful country route with zero cars. (From highway 1, take a left towards Punta Morales, then a right at Bar Pica Pica, after the bridge.)

It was a gorgeous summer day with Gallinazo trees flowering everywhere! Simply stunning! From Nandayure we headed up route 901 to Vista Mar then to La Soledad, where I wanted to do Recon to Carrillo. (I still can’t believe I did this route alone when it was gravel, down to Bejuco! Hahaha! “Fools rush in…”)

The road from La Soledad to Carillo is mostly paved. I think I prefer to go to Carrillo via Hojancha, but this was new. We got gas at Carrillo then headed down to Coyote on the classic route through Punta Islita and other beach towns. This is an up and down gravel road. Fine to ride when dry.

We closed the day with a lovely sunset over the Coyote estuary.

The next day was simply spectacular!

We first went through Zapote so that I could show this route to Henry. I continued to be thrilled by all the Gallinazo trees and hope to schedule a trip to this area next year on the first week of January. Poor Henry had to put up with me stopping every 10 minutes for photos!

We then headed over to Jabillo where we took a right to go towards Los Angeles de los Perdidos. There is a river crossing at the beginning, but it was completely dry.

Then we went up and up and up. Mostly paved, quite steep, and with a few switchback turns that were a bit…stressful. 🙂

This route is astounding! With wide beautiful vistas. All easy gravel and/or paved. What a surprise!

Photos simply can’t capture the amazing views.

It was so picturesque with small communities along the way back to Bella Vista and Vista Mar.

This trip was peaceful and easy and “emotional,” as one friend describes intense routes. Thanks to my friend Henry for his company and patience (as I stopped often for photos). We had a fun time.

It’s fabulous that one can ride and ride and there are still so many new and fantastic routes to discover and enjoy! My plan is to ride as much as I can during this beautiful summer season in Costa Rica. To continue LIVING THE DREAM!


Thursday and Friday, January 5th and 6th, 2023.

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