A spectacular day! (Tierras Morenas>Miravalles)

Wow. Day two. I rode from Monteverde down to Tilaran. This road is relatively easy gravel.

I did, however, drop Storm while stopping to take a photo. Hahaha! She just slid right out from under me. I just turned her off, turned off the gas feed, put the kickstand down, and waited for a biker to come. In a few minutes a Honda XR 150 rider came along, and we lifted her up. I continued on my merry way. 🙂

Arenal Lake was beautiful today.

I took route 927 from the lake to Tierras Morenas. From there I took a very difficult and somewhat scary shortcut back to 927 that had lots of big rocks. But, I made it without trouble.

Coming out of shortcut to route 927. Love the volcanoes!


Route 927 is also quite rough in parts, but worth it. It is isolated with no traffic and great views.



I was happy when it got easier and then especially  happy when I hit pavement (Route 6 to Upala).

Happy to hit pavement.

I liked Route six up to Upala.

View of Tenorio volcano from Route 6

I went up to Upala to check it out and buy a new  mirror for Storm. Upala is nothing special.


The road from Upala down to Miravalles area (Route 164) was also small-rock gravel, but spectacular! Fantastic views.  It is gravel all the way to Aguas Claras.




I was sure glad to hit pavement again at Aguas Claras, then to get to my hotel, where I bathed in cold water, got in the hot springs and enjoyed the grounds, then bathed again! Hahaha

Tree on grounds of hotel Yoko hotsprings.

Yeah! Feel the Beauty. Know the love. Live the power!

Wild thing! You make my heart sing! 🙂


Sorry the photos in the first Relive video are not so good. It was early morning. Bad light. You can see the photos and map after the video. Just scroll down.

Relive: Monteverde>Tilaran

Relive: Tilaran>Tierras Morenas

Monday, April 8, 2019, Day two of my four-night trip. Yay!!

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