Ride down, baby, into this tunnel of love. (Nicoya and Colorado)

I just had a great overnight trip down to San Francisco de Coyote. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

I first headed over to Nicoya via Costa de Pajaros, which is a charming little fishing area. The road in is now completely paved.

I wanted to do a recon trip to Hojancha, through Huacas and down to Bejuco. But I was told a bridge was out, so I took my usual route from Hojancha to Islita to San Francisco de Coyote. This is a delightful gravel ride with tree-hugged streets that go gently up and down and up and down. There is a lovely viewpoint above Islita. It is all delightful! I was glad the road was dry for there was one hill and one curve that was pure red clay! 🙂

One thing I loved was staying at Casa Caletas in Coyote, where I used to stay in the past, before it closed for Covid. I was the only guest there. It was so peaceful. I enjoyed watching the birds across the way, the frigate bird fly gracefully above, and the beauty of the sunset. There were just a few little black no-see-ums to irritate me!

On Friday I headed to Jicaral through Zapote. This is a favorite litte route of mine.

It winds its way along the Bongo river and is hugged by trees at the beginning, creating what I like to call a tunnel of love. Yeah. Tunnels of love waiting just for me! 🙂

This is not a route that one could do in the rainy season. It is mostly dirt.

On my way to Jicaral, I was really wanting to share the route with my friends Robert and Fritz, hoping someday we could ride up to Nandayure (Bella Vista, Carmona) down to Bejuco and return via Zapote. I have done the Carmona route twice, but was intimidated to do it alone with Sahara (CB 500X) because of two hairpin curves. There are many roads to explore in this area. Might be fun to do a two or three-night recon tour. Fingers crossed. It is one of my favorite parts of the country, because it is still undeveloped.

While having breakfast at a little soda in Jicaral, I saw a nun walking down the road. I don’t know why, but I was quite amused! And also sad about the religious need to cover up the body, when the body is the source of aliveness, joy, spirit, and is full of infinite wisdom.

Taking 601 back I decided to go to Punta Piedra, hoping the entrance would be dry enough for me to pass. There were mud puddles every 50 meters or so, and some were rather long, but I managed to pass them going very slowly. Had I dropped Sahara there, I would not be able to pick her up. Furtunately, all went well. I enjoyed the beauty of the little route and being at the beach tremendously. I was completely happy!! Again, I was the only one there. It was so quiet and peaceful. Nothing I love more than being alone out in nature. (Well, maybe with a good friend I would like it just as much. :-)) (I suppose the theme of the trip for me was “Quiet and Peaceful.” Hahaha!)

Leaving Punta Piedra I came upon a cross road and went straight.

Another fun little route. It came out at Colorado, where I took a right and ended up at Muelle Conchal. How fun to discover new routes and places, especially these charming little areas.

I decided to continue on 601 rather than go through Costa de Pájaros again.

I am glad I did. Again, I loved it. This route is really quite a shortcut and alternate route to Highway 1. It will probably be used more and more, especially since most of it is paved, and the part that is gravel is hard-packed and easy to drive.

This was a perfect trip for me and reminded me of how amazing and wonderful it is that I have this life of


Thursday and Friday, October 27 and 28, 2022.

Song: Tunnel of Love

“You, me and all that stuff we’re so scared of
Gotta ride down, baby, into this tunnel of love.””

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