Spectacular!!! (Caragral and the Los Santos electric windmills — and more.)

Wow. What an amazing day of intense routes, full of fantastic views! Maximum RIDING! 🙂

(Prepare, because this is going to be a long post!)


On Sunday, January 16th, 2022, at 6 a.m., a few of us met at the Balsa intersection to ride to Chucás Dam then to Piedras Negras, where we were to meet the rest of the team and from there continue to San Antonio de Puriscal. My friend Fran Ovideo had several routes that he was willing to share with us. Yay!

The road to Piedras Negras seems to be getting worse as times goes on, with lots of holes. So it goes.

Friends waiting at Piedras Negras.

Sadly, I missed the meeting point with our friends. Not sure what happened, but I did not realize it till we were well on our way to San Antonio on route 316.

Route 316 at the top

The road to San Antonio is a bit rough with lots of dips, ruts, rocks, loose dirt, up and downhill parts, rutted curves, etc. The lesson learned was that its NOT a road to ride in the early morning. Too many times we were completely blinded by the sun, combined with dust, and had to ride without being able to see. At all.

Soon, I want to try the road to Jaris. I did it once and Fran said it was better than 316

At San Antonio, we had some refreshments and waited for our friends.

Then we headed over to Palmichal and Tabarcia. I was delighted to find a small soda that was open. Miracle!!! We thought we would have to eat from a bakery.

Soda La Amistad in Tabarcia

After that, the next adventure began!


We took a lovely little road up from Tabarcia heading towards Caragral.

This road suddenly became very rocky! Wow. (No photos of rocky part.) I decided that Route 742 to San Jeronimo de Esparza is not the rockiest road in the world. LOL I had not expected this challenge. (I was not feeling well because I was on antibiotics and did not sleep well, so I felt I did not have my full strength. I was afraid of falling, as I have done twice since last November.)

BUT, I did not fall! Sahara did just fine!! 🙂 What I am starting to learn is that rocky roads seem to be NO PROBLEM! Hahaha! I have done so many this month without trouble that I hope some day I simply enjoy the rocky ride rather than get distressed. Fingers crossed! (AND, I was delighted when we hit dirt again. Hahaha!)

The views were absolutely stunning! But I was riding too intensely to stop for photos. I am grateful that Fran Ovideo trusted that I could do this route, because I did! 🙂 Great Adventure!!! I will return!

After riding through San Cristobal Norte, which is such a picturesque route, especially with this gorgeous weather, we headed over to the electric windmills on Route 2.


Oh my God! Where have I been all this time?! (Yes, I know: riding all over the place!)

The inner road from the windmills t o 228 was a most delightful road, again with breathtaking views! Easy dirt/gravel. 🙂 Yes, there were some downhill switchback curves that were a bit wet, and which I would not want to do in the rainy season, but in general it was simply lovely!

Again, I did not take as many photos as I would have liked. With groups, it is too disruptive of the ride to stop every ten minutes. 🙂 Gives me a good reason to return!

Harold, Luis Fabian, and Ignacio took the Patio de Agua route, but the rest of us chose not to. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don´t.

We came out at route 228.

Road damage at Copalchi. There is a detour before this point, but we did not know it.


AND, there was still more fun ahead!!!

The next part from Copalchí to Patarra/Quebradilla had some gnarly downhill parts, with ruts and such, and we pretty much had to once again just let go and let the bike do what it will, controlling it gently to find the higher, less rocky, drier ground. Fun, fun, fun! (Glad it was the dry season!)


We came out at El Tejar de Guarcoand discovered a nice little restaurant next to the gas station, El Tejano. It was good. We were all content to have had such a wonderful day of full riding adventure, with thrilling roads, fantastic weather, and good company. Could not ask for more as Adventrue Riders.

Special thanks to Fran for his leadership and guidance. He took good care of the group, and I was awed by his riding skills. Amazing!! I want to ride like him in my next life. 🙂

Fran Ovideo. He said to me: ¨Uno siempre es capaz de hacer más de lo que uno cree. La única manera de saber es intentándolo.¨ 🙂 Here I am, itentándolo!


Thanks to my friends from whom I borrowed photos.

Que rutas!!!

Balsa de Atenas
Represa Chucas
Piedras Negras
San Antonio
San Gabriel
San Cristóbal
Parque eólico
Patio de Agua

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  1. Wow. Great pictures!
    I’d like to see that road from the Eólicas to 238 some day. I haven’t explored that area much. Looks great!


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