Oh, the magic! (Calle La Libertad. )

An Uber driver in San Ramón told me about a month ago that the road from Llano Brenes to San Mateo was paved. Since then, I have been wanting to do it. Today I did! With my Thursday riding buddy, Robert. Yay!!

We went up to Berlin from San Ramón on route 713. This is a beautiful, nicely-paved road with wide vistas at the top.

We followed the signs to Llano Brenes and San Mateo. Calle La Libertad to San Mateo is an easy descent with easy curves and lovely views. I had expected it to be steep and challenging!

We came out on Route 3 a few kilometers from San Mateo, where we had breakfast, then headed to the loop I did yesterday on Calle San Juan de Dios to go check out Jesús Maria river.

But the road ahead looked like wet clay, so we decided to head down and over to Tivives Beach. I sure hope I can do the whole loop up to Dulce Nombre and Maderal and back down to San Mateo one of these months!

We spent a few minutes relaxing at Tivives Beach on the left end which has a view of the Bajamar bluff.

It was a lovely, restful morning.

I want to do this same route from Llano Brenes to San Mateo again soon. It is short and sweet. And if I go via Estanquillos, it is really close to my house.

Yeah. Life is good


Feel the beauty. Live the power.

September 30, 2021

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