Routes to redo: Cerro Pasqui and Raicero

Yesterday twelve of us had a thrilling adventure riding first to Cerro Pasqui, then down from the Turrialba Volcano to Santa Cruz of Turrialba via Raícero.

After breakfast, we headed over to Cerro Pasqui, where I had never been. We entered through Cot and went through San Gerardo up a dirt road. Gorgeous area. But, unfortunately, I was not able to stop for photos. I will have to return.

Then we went up to the sand crater on the right side of the entrance to Irazú volcano park, so that the boys could play a bit.

My friend Althaf showed me a little road at the entrance to this one that leads to another crater. Cool! I would have never ventured there on my own.

Then we wound our way down to the Turrialba volcano via the lovely route 417. Here is a shaky video I took of our group:

Sadly, the volcano was clouded over when we got to La Central, for it is an awesome sight. I have been lucky to see it many times in the past.

Coming out of La Central we took a left to go down to Santa Cruz via Raicero.

This route is steep and curvy with loads of loose, rocky gravel. The photos don’t show how rocky it is. “Easy Does It,” as they say.

Here is a video of our stop. I laugh each time I see my friend Andres tap me to get my attention.

We came out at Raicero and were relieved to hit pavement.

The ride down to route 230 from Raicero was clear of fog and had great views. I loved both of these routes! So much pure fun and adrenaline.

The group split off on the way home. Here is Storm with her tribe. 🤣

These are two routes I must ride again, despite the second one being a bit challenging. I want to stop for photos and thus breathe in the beauty more deeply.



Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado

Date of ride: Sunday, October 3, 2021

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