Easy Skankin’ (Raícero, Route 415…and more!)

Yesterday, my friend Robert and I took a fun ride over to check out Route 415 between Turrialba and La Herediana (Route 32), which had been closed for a while due to a landslide. It was a beautiful clear morning, perfect for visiting that part of Costa Rica. One must seize the moment!

We decided to go via route 417 from Irazu volcano to Turrialba volcano, a narrow, charming road with great views.

Regardless of how many times one does this route, it is always a delight when the volcano comes into view. Super cool.

After La Central, which is as rocky as ever, we took a left to go down via Raícero, a route I did once before with friends when foggy, led by my friend Adrian Acuña.

Heading down.

This is a winding route with loose small gravel. The first few downhill curves are the worse, then the gravel gets easier.

We came out on route 230 and had breakfast at a small soda right before the turn to Guayabo, our next destination. The road there is mostly paved now, with some sections of compact gravel. Picturesque!

And then we reached route 415!

Love this viewpoint
Reventazón Dam as seen from way up high on Route 415.
Backside of Turrialba volcano

We detoured right to go check out Bajo Bonilla, but did not go to the end, trying to save time. We will return another time when we come directly to 415 without going via the volcano or Raícero.

Then we came to the spot where the road had washed away and where a new pass was made.

And, as if we had not done enough already (LOL), we also decided to go check out the Reventazon dam itself in La Florida, nearl La Alegría de Siquirres.

Unfortunately, we had to close the day by riding on Route 32. 😦 Once on the Zurquí mountain road, however, it was not too bad.

Another fun-packed Thursday with Robert! 🙂 (And thanks to him for some of these photos.)


Storm! My Honda XR 250 Tornado

Date of Ride: Thursday, December 30th, 2021.
No idea why, but the song that popped up is Easy Skankin´. 🙂

And, yes this post is long, but I wish to add that last Sunday I went to Providencia>Copey and FYI the curves heading up out of La Providencia have been scraped, so they are easier to take. 🙂

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